About David Miranda

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Meet David

David comes from a diverse background of family who is spread across all types of business, which has helped him navigate and create his own path of interest and love for real estate. As a native New Yorker who was born in Manhattan and raised in Queens, David attended Pace University for Communications to ultimately gain a better understanding of how to communicate with people and their needs.
While being an avid investor, David understands the markets constant fluctuations in and out, and needed sense of security in order to confidently invest in your future. 
Hardworking, persistent and dedicated, David's ultimate goal is to help people feel at bliss, while making a change, or finding what they are truly looking for in a market of twists and turns.


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Our team prides itself on our diverse backgrounds, our depth of market knowledge, and our commitment to client satisfaction. Bringing passion to every deal, we enable our clients to be the best-educated decision-makers in the market and we are fulfilled by their successes. With decades of combined real estate experience.

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